MOTOREX fluid-optimized precision milling


Switching to MOTOREX ORTHO… with hugely improved dimensional accuracy.
They’re still around, the suppliers who make the impossible possible in the “crazy” watch and medical device industries. If it’s possible to do something with a machine tool, Horst Fichter Precision Turned Parts of St. Georgen in the Black Forest can do it. The company specialize in the production of ultra-precise medical device parts. During the search for a new cutting oils, various experts recommended the unique high-performance ORTHO NF-X cutting oil from MOTOREX.

Enhancing tool service life…
Significantly longer tool service life was observed during the first eight hours of turning on the first machine filled with MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X ISO 15 and during deep boring of a different part. Fichter’s specialist eagerly awaited the outer hexagon measurements of the fist series of the surgical tool produced with ORTHO NF-X.

…with hugely improved dimensional accuracy.
When the milled hexagon was measured the dimensional precision proved to be very high, a successful result. Measurement values were meticulously recorded, and the rejected rate at the end of the series was a mere. 5.8%! How was this possible?