Machine Made Parts for Medical Product Innovations with Motorex Swisscut DECOMED HP-X featuring HSC-Technology


Motorex DECOMED HP-X is a specialty cutting oil that was developed specifically for the Orthopedic and Dental Implant manufacturing industry. We developed this product after observing the need within the medical part machining industry sector. Our oils are the very best in the industrial machining industry. And in turn we aligned with the need for ultra-fine machining at the strictest criteria level. Universally applicable hi-performance oils from Motorex are ideal for stainless steel and high-alloy steels, as well as titanium, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. 

Motorex Oils Endurance Based Performance

Our HSC technology enables optimized cutting data for all material types, resulting in shorter cycle times. With up to 33% better performance vs. standard cutting oils, it’s no wonder our oils are preferred by distinguished medical part manufacturing companies throughout the USA.

See our chart on the value comparison processing of medical steel DIN 1.4109 with Swisscut DECOMED HP-X vs. Standard cutting oils. (Based on the number of pieces produced.)

Medical Grade Field of application.
Motorex SWISSCUT DECOMED HP-X is uniquely designed to meet the ISO 10993-5 testing standard, which features a given cutting oil with the qualification as “Non-Cytotoxic” in the presence of body cells.

Good physiological compatibility is a central point to a testing standard of this kind. Medical grade cutting oils are qualified if the viability of the body cells is over 70%. Swisscut DECOMED HP-X goes above and beyond with a value of over 80%. This means our oils are of a higher grade in general, and outscore for “Non-Cytotoxic” properties. 


Evaporation Loss Reduction of 60% for Maximum Productivity
Our DECOLINE products are free of Chlorine, Zinc, and other undesirable ingredients. The high-quality oil base is combined with state-of-the-art additives that result in excellent compatibility for workers, material and machines. 

Ideal for difficult machining of critical aluminum alloys, titanium, stainless high-alloy steels, as well as non-ferrous metals. Cycle times can be significantly reduced and evaporation losses are reduced by up to 60%. This optimization means less oil, a longer use time, and production cost savings. 


Swisscut Decomed HP X – New Generation