Aerospace Machining perfection with the New Swisscool Aero 8200 by Motorex.


AeroSpace Machining perfection with the new Swisscool Aero 8200 by Motorex.

Ideal solutions are often based on simple laws, with experience often being a major differentiator. With more than 100 years in the game, Motorex has once again used their industry knowledge and experience to make a great product even better. 

Machined parts for use in Airplane manufacturing has always been a demanding industry. Especially in Connecticut, where aerospace is one of our many well-performing high-tech industries. It’s no wonder that Motorex water miscible cutting oils are stepping up to match the strict demands of the industry. 

Swisscool Aero 8200 is the newest in a long line of machine cutting fluids that promises fantastic advantages, and at the same time has been tested and certified for many of the most stringent industry tests. 

Up to 30% greater cutting efficiency.
With our new polymer-technology, the additives in these oils yield even greater cutting performance than traditional cutting fluids. Without getting too technical, it’s all about how the water and oil combine to ensure boosted lubrication performance and reliability. 

Low consumption.
With excellent flushing properties, the new Swisscool Aero 8200 will keep your machine running cleanly and, over time, will reduce consumption to a minimum. This means you need less fluid, and your machine undergoes less wear in the long run. All points that will tighten the bottom line and keep your airplane machine part production at peak precision. 

Excellent biostability.
The complex structure of the new polymer-technology hinders nutrient intake by bacteria, and thereby inhibits their growth. Yet another excellent feature of Motorex Aero cutting fluids that reinforces its guarantee of less wear and tear and less cleaning of your cutting machinery. 

Corrosion protection.
With a wide spectrum of applications, the Swisscool Aero 8200 will protect machine and workpiece against corrosion and ensure smooth cutting of critical aluminium alloys, titanium, and high-alloy steel as well as non-ferrous metals. 

Motorex’s innovative formula is free of Chlorine, boric acid and formaldehyde. This makes it very gentle and ensures excellent compatibility with people, materials and machines.

Swisscool Aero 8200 – New Generation

euroline-inc-motorex-swisscool-aero-8200-feature-jan-2020-2 Proudly Tested and Certified by Lufthansa Technik

Best quality – tested & certified
Sandwich Corrosion Test ASTM-F1110
Hydrogen Embrittlement Test ASTM-F519
Total Immersion Corrosion Test ASTM-F483
Stress-Corrosion of Titanium Alloys ASTM-F945
High Temperature Corrosion Test LHT and RR CSS300/8
Intergranular Attack (IGA) Test BSS 7219 (Al7075)
Long-term Storage at Elevated Temperatures LSET