Swiss Quality Precision Parts Using Motorex Ortho NF-X. Made in the USA


“The knowledge I had gained in Switzerland enabled me to quickly find the ways and means of accessing the hardware I know so well in the USA. This allowed me initially to find a niche in the field of high-precision parts manufacturing. This then gave us the opportunity to make a breakthrough with various different series orders. It was the combination of perfectly matched machinery, reliable tools and particularly Motorex’s universally applicable cutting oil which produced the process safety we were looking for. Combined with our knowledge and ability, our commitment is paying off from an economic standpoint.”

Hans Kocher, Owner
HK Precisions Parts Inc.,
Ronkonkoma / New York, USA

Feature Photo Captions.

Top Right:
Internationality is the norm at HK Precision Parts : In this respect, people from 5 different
nations work at the firm on machinery that is constructed to exactly match market requirements,
and which is operated entirely with Motorex machining fluids.

Center Right:
This approx. 1.5 cm long high-precision atomizer shaft made of brass for a
textile machine was manufactured on a Tornos Deco 2000 shortly after a
series of stainless steel parts using the same cutting oil (Ortho NF-X).

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