Fork Oils

Fork oil for all forks, available in 5 different levels of viscosity. MOTOREX RACING FORK OIL Low Friction Technology offers ultra-low friction coefficients, prevents foaming and corrosion, and treats and protects seals.


SAE 2.5W / 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W

MOTOREX has developed a new RACING FORK OIL for all modern fork systems including a special 4W viscosity for WP forks. This high- tech oil features exceptionally good air separation characteristics, minimal foam formation and rapid foam resolution, as well as extremely high thermal stability, in order to make forks operate at their full potential. This is achieved by the new 3D response technology, which features a special molecular structure that facilitates an innovative damping behavior. This means that tractive and impact forces are no longer diverted along a zig-zag path like an accordion, but through a multi-level grid structure instead. The three-dimensional structure of the new molecular composition forms the basis of the 3D response technology.


  • Optimum reduction of the coefficient of friction
  • Improved breakaway torque (stick-slip)
  • Significantly improved thermal stability
  • Adaptation of the viscosity index in the maximum range
  • Improved shear stability
  • Reduced foam formation
  • Accelerated air separation


1l, 25l, 60l


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