Motorex Sponsors Yeti Cycles Fox Factory Team for 2018


January 11, 2018

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(Golden, Colo.) – For the upcoming season, the Yeti Fox Factory and National Teams will set sights on the international and U.S. race circuits including the Enduro World Series and Big Mountain Enduro. The team will be led by two-time EWS World Champion Richie Rude and returning Yeti National Team riders, Shawn Neer and Jubal Davis. Neer locked down the BME overall title last year and is looking to do the same in 2018. The pro-team riders will be joined by U21 athlete, Duncan Nason. Nason captured a second-place finish at EWS Aspen in 2017, showing he has the muster to take on more international racing this season.

Additionally, with a history of creating some of the best mountain bike racers in the industry, Yeti will continue to focus efforts on younger enduro racers through the Yeti Devo Team. Utah Siblings Bryn (16 years) and Lauren (14 years) Bingham, and Coloradan Quinn Reece (16 years) will round out the youthful group. Each athlete will race throughout the west, including the Big Mountain Enduro Series where the young riders will race and train with Yeti Fox Factory Team athletes.

Yeti Cycles president and owner Chris Conroy is eager for the 2018 race season to begin with this diverse group of athletes.

“We have a solid mix of racers for 2018. Our team structure allows racers to move up as they improve, so we’re excited to see how Shawn and Jubal respond at EWS races this year,” Conroy said. “We also expect Richie to return to the dominant form that allowed him to win back-to-back championships.”

Mechanical support will continue to be led by experienced and long-time head mechanic, Shaun Hughes. He will be assisted by Nate Espinosa. Hughes and Espinosa worked in lockstep domestically supporting Yeti athletes in 2017 and will be taking their teamwork internationally to numerous EWS stops. Damion Smith will continue to manage the team and looks forward to building on Yeti’s legacy of racing.

“Yeti is synonymous with racing. It is in our DNA,” Smith said. “We are stoked to see how Richie, Jubal and Shawn push each other this year. Each athlete is extremely unique in what they bring to the table in terms of speed, experience, style and raw talent.”

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The Yeti Fox Factory Team continues to thrive with the support of long-time and generous sponsors that offer high-performance products put to the test on the most grueling race tracks in the world.

Sponsors for 2018 include Fox Racing Shox, Maxxis, Shimano, DT Swiss, Ergon, Toyota, Giro, Motorex, OneUp Components, Ion, Renthal Cycling, Stages Cycling, Backcountry Research, Chris King, Feedback Sports, Victory Circle Graphix, Honey Stinger, RockyMounts and CushCore.

After two years in turquoise for the Yeti Fox Factory Team, Cody Kelley will be departing from Yeti Cycles. Kelley sealed a career-best EWS finish with a ninth place at EWS Aspen. His unmistakable style and skill pushed the limits of other Yeti team members. Yeti wishes Kelley the best as he continues on the EWS circuit.

Yeti Fox Factory Team will kick off the season at the first stop of the EWS circuit in Lo Barnechea, Chile at the end of March.

Yeti Cycles MOTOREX – Oil of Switzerland

Interview with Edi Fischer. CEO of the Bucher-Motorex-Group



Langenthal, March 2017

What is MOTOREX’s recipe for success? How does the company compete with all of the multinational corporations operating in the lubricant sector?

We don’t define ourselves based on our sales volumes or pricing; rather we see ourselves as problem solvers and lifelong partners. It’s the same wherever you go: you buy the things you need from people you like. Our success is therefore based primarily on offering high quality advice and services. Furthermore, we also invest a great deal in research and development so that we can offer flexible solutions and develop products that are specifically tailored to our customers’ individual requirements. This also means that we attach great importance to having good, motivated employees. They are our bedrock; they are what makes it possible for us to offer a product range of such breadth and depth – comprising around 2,500 different formulas and around 8,000 items.

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Swiss Quality Precision Parts Using Motorex Ortho NF-X. Made in the USA


“The knowledge I had gained in Switzerland enabled me to quickly find the ways and means of accessing the hardware I know so well in the USA. This allowed me initially to find a niche in the field of high-precision parts manufacturing. This then gave us the opportunity to make a breakthrough with various different series orders. It was the combination of perfectly matched machinery, reliable tools and particularly Motorex’s universally applicable cutting oil which produced the process safety we were looking for. Combined with our knowledge and ability, our commitment is paying off from an economic standpoint.”

Hans Kocher, Owner
HK Precisions Parts Inc.,
Ronkonkoma / New York, USA

Feature Photo Captions.

Top Right:
Internationality is the norm at HK Precision Parts : In this respect, people from 5 different
nations work at the firm on machinery that is constructed to exactly match market requirements,
and which is operated entirely with Motorex machining fluids.

Center Right:
This approx. 1.5 cm long high-precision atomizer shaft made of brass for a
textile machine was manufactured on a Tornos Deco 2000 shortly after a
series of stainless steel parts using the same cutting oil (Ortho NF-X).

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SWISSCOOL TRESOR PMC hunts down bacteria the natural way…


The Green Revolution

Water-miscible cooling lubricants are a crucially important element of demanding
metal machining processes. In nature, life cannot exist without water – but the
water, mineral oil and emulsifiers used in machine tools can turn them into ideal
incubators for bacteria and fungi. Up to now, chemicals such as boron, amines,
fungicides or bactericides have had to be regularly used to check this persistent growth.
The need for such “chemical bludgeons” is now over! MOTOREX presents a world
first: SWISSCOOL TRESOR PMC® (Precious Metal Catalyst) – the first cooling lubricant
concentrate that impedes and sustainably limits bacterial growth using bioactive
precious metals.

MOTOREX fluid-optimized precision milling


Switching to MOTOREX ORTHO… with hugely improved dimensional accuracy.
They’re still around, the suppliers who make the impossible possible in the “crazy” watch and medical device industries. If it’s possible to do something with a machine tool, Horst Fichter Precision Turned Parts of St. Georgen in the Black Forest can do it. The company specialize in the production of ultra-precise medical device parts. During the search for a new cutting oils, various experts recommended the unique high-performance ORTHO NF-X cutting oil from MOTOREX.

Enhancing tool service life…
Significantly longer tool service life was observed during the first eight hours of turning on the first machine filled with MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X ISO 15 and during deep boring of a different part. Fichter’s specialist eagerly awaited the outer hexagon measurements of the fist series of the surgical tool produced with ORTHO NF-X.

…with hugely improved dimensional accuracy.
When the milled hexagon was measured the dimensional precision proved to be very high, a successful result. Measurement values were meticulously recorded, and the rejected rate at the end of the series was a mere. 5.8%! How was this possible?

Deep-hole drilling in difficult-to-cut materials


The specialists choose MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X.
With today’s technology, deep-hold drillings with high depth-to-diameter ratios using single-lip drills can be made to high precision on machining centers, using sophisticated equipment and drills. The drilling fluid applied plays a central role.

Deep-hold drilling on a modern machining center requires a deep-hole drill and a powerful high-pressure cooling system. In deep-hold drilling of high alloy stainless steels like those used in medical devices, the drilling fluid continuous flushes chips out of the hole under very high pressure, ensuring process reliability at every stage.

Euroline Inc. Manufacturing Expertise in the USA


Twenty years ago, Euroline Inc. Brought the MOTOREX brand to North America for the first time. The anniversary is the perfect occasion for a brief introduction to the company and the philosophy of it’s founder, Peter Feller.

The first encounter between MOTOREX and Peter Feller, founder of Euroline INC. in New Milford Connecticut, took place no less than twenty years ago. At the time Feller was working for a well-known Swiss machine tool builder, so he knew exactly what properties an ideal machining fluid should have. Peter Feller always turned first to MOTOREX for lubricants. Sophisticated, proven products, a strong research and development department and effective marketing made the Langenthal company the perfect partner.

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